Cutting Out Toxic People


We have all known at least one of these kinds of people in our life- toxic people. Some of us may even have them in our lives right now. Depending on the person and your relation to them, they can range from a headache to an absolute nightmare. They creep into our thoughts, give us stress, and make us angry and irritated.

Sometimes you cannot avoid a toxic person in your life, especially if they are a coworker or family member that you see frequently. But how you respond to them is what makes a difference. Set healthy boundaries and do not let them cross it. Do not let them tell you how you should feel. Build that confidence within yourself that you do not need their approval or opinion. With that strong and confident mindset, be unshakeable. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground and be firm. I know that is a difficult move and it requires a real shift in thinking, but by practicing self care and self compassion, you gain a higher confidence to not let others disturb you.

No doubt our natural instinct is kindness, but one-sided kindness is a dangerous concept. This is a very common kind of toxic relationship- the one that keeps taking but never giving back. If you are giving your all to someone toxic, this can give bad results. Realize your own self-worth and don’t let others waste your time.

Toxic people will try to shake you up for their own personal gain. Don’t let them. Letting them go might hurt at first, but you will be glad you did. Why should you continue to suffer for others?

Start taking charge of yourself, for your own sake, and do what is best for you. You deserve it.

Thank you for reading.

Lamia Islam

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