Burnout and How to Avoid It


No matter what work you do, burnout can occur. Burnout is a feeling of being overwhelmed to the point where it is hard to continue your work. It can manifest in physical, mental or emotional exhaustion. These high stress situations can make your work suffer and you may feel like you are reaching a breaking point. It is possible that burnout can happen to anyone in any field of work, but there are effective ways of dealing with it and preventing it.

Prevention is key- we need to know what triggers our burnout and what makes us vulnerable to it. Having a professional work/life balance is so important and making sure that you have boundaries that do not cross over into your personal life. If you do notice you are starting to feel overwhelmed, try to take a step back. Try to keep an emotional distance for the sake of your own sanity. Make sure that you are managing your time correctly.

For me, organization is very useful in keeping up and not getting overwhelmed. Planners, calendars, and reminders on my mobile devices keep me in check with my schedule. I do not overbook myself and I make sure that I have enough time to relax. Sometimes we end up booking so many others in our schedule that we forget to make time for ourselves! Make a specific time to relax and let go of your stresses the way you like. Take a break and walk in the park, take a nap or give yourself a little treat. Self-care is crucial in healing and preventing burnout!

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you feel burnout approaching, remember these tips. Most importantly, listen to yourself and what your body and mind needs. We cannot ignore our own well being and try to keep pushing ourselves constantly in this hectic world.

Thank you for reading.

Lamia Islam

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