Author: Lamia Islam

What Exactly Is Bipolar

I’m often asked (sometimes not very directly) what it is that makes me consider myself ‘mentally handicapped’ – to choose the chief piece of nomenclature…

The Other Side of The Coin

I’ve been for treatment in almost every conceivable kind of facility it’s possible to be treated in and just a few where it was impossible…

A Star In Your Own Right

The casual readership of the world is chiefly concerned with two things at the moment: mental health and celebrity culture. With that in mind, it…

The Kids

April 2, 2017

Supporting our kids has to be a theme which dominates my blog. Whilst I have a total autonomy for what I chose to write about…

The Early Days

The Early Days

March 24, 2017

Re-reading some of the material I came across when I was writing my article on pediatric Bipolar, I’ve since realized a that there was a…



March 24, 2017

I’ve always been puzzled by the idea that only children can bully. And that they can only bully other children – and only in school….


March 10, 2017

A frequently asked question for me is the exact nature and number of learning difficulties I have. The formal diagnoses that I have lived with…

Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning

February 27, 2017

So I’ve officially had my condition since I was twenty-two, which means I have a few unpopular opinions about it. Chief among them is the…

The Paradigm

February 18, 2017

‘Learning Difficulty’, it became popular in the eighties as ‘retard’ and ‘invalid’ faded from high minded conversation and towards discriminatory banter. Now it’s ‘Learning Disability’…