Schizophrenia – Stigmas and Solutions


Schizophrenia – Stigmas and Solutions

Among the vast spectrum of mental illnesses and disorders, there are always ones that have more misunderstandings than the rest. Schizophrenia is one of them. It is fairly rare in the general population, which opens the doors for plenty of misconceptions. First, let me provide a brief overview.

Those with schizophrenia experience disorganized thinking in behavior that doesn’t match their surroundings, a sort of loss of touch with reality. Delusions and hallucinations are also common, along with other psychotic symptoms. Of course, these all exist on a spectrum, as any other disorder, and every person diagnosed with it has their own experiences and variations.

As with most disorders, it cannot be cured. One can only learn techniques or take medication to handle it to their best abilities. Even then, the medication can have many side-effects.

Unfortunately, schizophrenia is highly stigmatized in society, perhaps more than any other disorder we have heard of. Many of those who have it have been locked away and labeled ‘crazy’. Is this any way to help them? Do they not also have rights?

Here’s my opinion: don’t hide them away from society. Why confine them into their homes or mental institutions? They aren’t any more dangerous than anyone else you meet on the street.
The more that we accept them into society, the better it will be for all of us. We need to ensure that they have the opportunities they need in life. Surely, they have been dealt an unfair hand in life, but that is not an excuse to make it worse. Though their daily functioning may be significantly more impaired, that does not mean that they do not deserve a respectful life. We ought to give them that!

Thank you for reading.
Lamia Islam

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