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“When I was told to do something I was blind. When I was told to go somewhere I was lost. Then I left everyone and myself myself as well; then I found myself as well” – Rumi

My readers, fellow sufferers, By changing yourself, you can do yourself a huge favour. Living with bipolar disorder can make you feel very down. My friend, this world can be a very ugly and unforgiving place for everyone. No one will come and rescue you from your illness. You have to carry your own weight, your tears are not going anywhere.

Be strong and believe in yourself. You can blame the whole world for your condition and suffering but blaming anything or anybody will only worsen your condition. Take control of your life. Accept what you have and fight for your happiness. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our sorrow.

You have got to get yourself together, you got stuck in a moment. Don’t say later will be better. Start now and start taking care of yourself. Dreams are hard to follow but don’t let disease take over your life. You have one life to live.The malice, depression, and momentary awareness awareness come as suspicious guests. Treat each guest honorably because you don’t know which is coming from the divine. Don’t run away from your problem, face your problem. Just live in the present. Don’t waste your time by thinking ‘Why did this happen to me?’ because you cannot change your past. By accepting your condition you can do the biggest favor to yourself. Don’t think too much about your future because you don’t know whether you will live tomorrow.

Most of us are worried what people will think if they find out about their depression. Don’t live for others, live for yourself. I know it’s very tough but you can do it. You have to choose what you are going to do in your life. If you choose depression to control you then you will be miserable. If you choose to take charge of your illnesses, you will be happy. Take small and simple steps at a time. Life is a journey and you will face many things on the way.


Be strong and patient, you will never change in one day. Believe in yourself and have a positive attitude towards life.

Simple things in life can make you content. Here are my suggestions:

– Listen to peaceful music every day
– Watch comedy for at least half an hour everyday
– Play sports
– Get proper exercise
– Practice good hygiene
– Sleep well
– Hang out with your friends
– Take a break from everything and do whatever you feel like doing the most

Thank you for reading.
Lamia Islam


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