Dissociative Identity Disorder – Who am I?


Split or Multiple Personality Disorder, now often called Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID, is psychiatric disorder in which a person develops multiple personalities or other versions of themselves.  The exact number of identities ranges, but it must be two or more to be diagnosed. This may not be seen as an entirely different person inside of them, but rather their personalities are broken into different and distinct pieces. These identities may also try to come into play all at once, creating voices in a person’s head.

Unfortunately, the media often portrays a more sinister and scary version of this disorder, making the sufferer look like an evil criminal. Movies and books that feature this disorder usually create unrealistic versions of this, which can be dangerous for the general public because of the misinformation that it holds.

For someone with DID, the different aspects of their identities can seem to have minds of their own. One personality may have an accent while speaking, one may be more devoutly religious, or one might be more brave and risk-taking in their actions. Memory loss or amnesia may also take place within these personalities.

Those with DID aren’t monsters. Their personalities don’t compel them to do harmful things but instead may just have different preferences and moods. Each identity is a part of the same person, not separate from them. Just as anyone else in this world, people with DID want to be accepted and understood, not feared.

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Lamia Islam

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