Bipolar Disorder is Truly a Divine Gift!!!


Bipolar Disorder is Truly a Divine Gift!!!

Visual arts, performance, writing, music; in all the humanities bipolar talent is common and typically exceptional. Bipolar Disorder Is Truly a Divine Gift. The link between bipolar disorder and creativeness is well-established.

Here are some of the famous celebs:
• Ernest Miller Hemingway (Novelist, Writer, And Journalist)
• Demi Lovato (Actress and Singer)
• Virginia Woolf (English Novelist and Essayist)
• Jean-Claude Van Damme (Actor)
• Jane Pauley (Television Journalist)
• Sylvia Plath (American Poet, Novelist, And Short Story Writer)
• Vivien Leigh (Oscar-Winning Role as Scarlett O’hara in Gone with The Wind)
• Vincent Van Gogh (Legendary Artist, Painted Some of the World’s Best-Known Works, Such as The Starry Night.)

Lamia Islam

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